PANCHKARMA for Welness

Panchkarma is set of therapies which offers systematic treatment for dislodging and flushing toxins from every cell permanently and allow the healing, and restoration of body.

The most deeply seated toxins that cause disease are heavy, uncous and sticky, lodging into deepest tissue layers or channels. These toxins are so deep seated that to treat them only through herbs becomes very difficult and the need for a cleansing therapy surfaces.

Pancha Karma is a wonderful process designed to “hit the reset button” in our health and lives. Many people choose to do Pancha Karma after treatment with pharmacuetical drugs, after a period of stress and/or overindulgence in poor choices

Panchakarma is anti-aging, as it reverses the negative effects of our toxic and stressful lifestyle. Toxins are removed not only from the body but also from the mind and emotions. This is the reason for the enhanced clarity and lightness that is experienced after a panchakarma program.

A panchakarma treatment restores the constitutional balance, thereby improving health and general well-being. It strengthens the immune system, so that one becomes more resistant to illness. It also improves self reliance, strength, vitality and mental clarity. Also deep relaxation and sound sleep are brought about.

But again

Panchkarma does not only aims at purification alone, but also the rejuvenation and promoting better health.

A Pancha Karma program involves three parts:

1) Poorva Karma – Preparation
After an initial consultation, dietary and herbal practices prepare or “ripen” a person for complete detoxification and elimination of excess doshic energies.

2) Pancha Karma – the “Five Actions”
As diet and herbal support continues, customized therapies act to coax toxins and excess doshic energies from deeper tissues into the digestive tract. These toxins and forces are then eliminated. Specific programs are designed for each person.

3) Rasayana – Rejuvenation
Once body and mind are clean and clear, it’s time to build all the tissues with excellent nourishment for sustained well-being and longevity. A customized Rasayana program includes nutrition plan, herbal supplements, therapeutic self-care practices and lifestyle choices.


About the use of Oils in Ayurveda:

Snehana therapy (the application of oils) is an essential tool of Ayurveda. In Sanskrit, the word snehana means "oil or fat." Snehana also means "love, affection."

Our human mind/body/spirit is one entity, and each aspect of our being affects the whole. Snehana therapy not only addresses physical imbalances directly through the ingredients and qualities of the treatments, it engages the senses to restore Svasthaan anchoring in one’s true nature, a state of happiness and wellbeing.

When copious amounts of warm oil are applied to the body thru Ayurvedic therapies, the body is offered an experience of receiving nurturing, even love thru the feeling, the smell, the sound, sight and sometimes even the taste of the therapy.

Use of oil and ghee for either external or internal is a very important Ayurvedic therapy.

Warm, medicinal oils are applied in large amounts all over the body (Abhyanga)

Actually it is the use of oil that is important and not the massage technique in abhyanga

Along with application of oil, intake of ghee(clarified butter) is also recommended.


The purpose of oleation is to loosen and liquefy toxins and humours, dislodging and removing the heavy sticky toxins from the most subtle channels. thus toxins from deep tissues begin to drain into the mahastrotas( G. I. tract), enabling easier transport of toxin(ama) for elimination.

Oil lubricates and protects tissues from damage, as ama returns this also restores proper vayu functioning, allowing proper flow of waste for their removal. Specific herbs blended with the oils enable the tissues to expel oil from tissues, hence the oil doesn’t accumulate in body.


Full body therapy


Siddha Massage – (Full body treatment) 1 hour 30 minutes

Finished with Svedhana (steam) and Sandalwood Tea

In Siddha Massage, the circular motion of the therapist’s hand is said to have been inspired the way a mother cow licks her calf as she encourages him to thrive. Covering the entire body with clockwise circles virtually guarantees that every muscle fiber receives cross-stimulation from every angle, which artificially works each muscle and is said to release cellular toxins. More importantly, the circular motion charges the subtle electrical impulses that move thru every living cell, boosting optimal cellular, hormonal and general physiological functioning.

The joints are warmed, loosened and gently stretched. The face and head are given ample attention as well.

Siddha Massage is said to be ideal for people who want better circulation, less stiffness, more joy and overall wellbeing. Many enjoy increased mobility, elevated mood, a boost in vitality, excellent sleep and a welcome freedom from muscle tension and joint pain after treatment.

  Abhyanga (Full body oil treatment) 1 hour 20 minutes

Finished with Svedhana (steam) and Sandalwood Tea

Abhyanga is the traditional Ayurvedic full-body oil application treatment. Soothing, nurturing and relaxing, circular motions on the joints loosen lodged toxins, while long strokes on the limbs move doshic excesses toward the digestive tract.

Oil is customized to balance the doshas of the individual and season.


Svedhana (Steam Therapy) 15 minutes
Steam therapy is a usual addition to Siddha Massage or Abhyanga.

Svedhana draws excess Pitta out of the body, encourages the balanced flow of Vata thru the proper channels, and can reduce excess Kapha as well.




Shirodhara (Head massage and oil flow over forehead) 45 minutes
Best in series of 3, 5, 7 or 10

Shirodhara can be combined with other therapies but is also a wonderful "stand alone" treatment. A minimum of 3 consecutive treatments is recommended to balance conditions such as insomnia, stress and headaches.

Although it's a relatively short treatment, an experience of timelessness is a common result. The affect of Shirodhara is indescribable, but recipients often report an effortless recognition of their true nature as pure consciousness.

Shirodhara is a form of Ayurvedic snehana therapy in which a steady stream of warm oil flows from a copper vessel (dhara patra) in specific pattern over the forehead. Sesame oil is the most commonly used base, often infused with mind-calming herbs such as brahmi (gotu kola), bhringraj, skullcap and others. Depending on the constitution (prakruti)and current state (vikruti) of the individual, and the season of the year, coconut, sunflower and other oils are sometimes used, as well as herbal infusions in water, milk and buttermilk.

Deeply stress-relieving, Shirodhara pacifies Vata while nourishing and calming the nervous system. Shirodhara cleanses the mind and senses of impressions, thereby improving mental clarity and cognition.

A traditional treatment for insomnia, memory loss, hormonal imbalance, headaches, mental tension (anxiety, worry, stress) and certain skin diseases, Shirodhara has also been reported as effective for people seeking to balance jet lag, exhaustion, emotional imbalance, hypertension, asthma, TMJ, ADHD, and various disorders of the head, neck, eyes, ears, nose and nervous system.

Ayurvedic texts state that Shirodhara activates the hypothalamus and pituitary glands, opens the 6th and 7th chakras, heightens the senses and increases faith, intuition and overall spiritual awareness

  Thallam (herbal scalp pack) 1 hour
best in series of 3, 5, 7

Thallam is incredibly effective in relieving symptoms of excess heat from the upper body, face, eyes and mind. It’s common for women with hot flashes, slightly bloodshot eyes, and heated-emotions such as irritability to experience immediate alleviation of distress.

After a brief head massage, a special herbal blend which is simmered in coconut water, cooled and systematically applied to cover the scalp. The head is wrapped in cotton cloth and the power of the herbs is given time to penetrate the scalp area, rich in blood flow and nerve endings. A tepid shower follows to wash out the formula, and a few minutes of quiet meditation can be enjoyed.

  Netra Basti (eye rejuvenation)

In Western culture, we strongly “eye”-dentify with our sense of sight. Computer work, night driving, video watching and even general busy-ness can stress our eyes, diminishing their function.

Netra Basti therapy was designed by the ancients to restore relaxation and focus to the eyes. Many also experience a sense of peace and expansion to the spirit during and after the therapy. First, the eyes are bathed to remove make-up or other impurities, preparing them for treatment. Dough dams are secured around the eyes, then warm, medicated ghee is slowly poured into the dams to flood the eye area, lubricating the eyes and encouraging a deep releasing of the muscles in and around the “windows of the soul.”


Nasya (sinus & nasal rejuvenation)

Sinus problems are common, often due to digestive overwhelm or the inappropriate immune reactions that can result from long-term digestive abuse. Topical treatment can be effective in restoring clear breathing and reducing headaches or other problems caused by sinus challenges.

After a brief head, neck and face massage, steam is applied to the sinus area to “ripen” the site for receiving treatment. Then warmed, herbal oil is applied to each nostril while the head is supported in position to absorb the treatment.

  Karana Purana (ear oiling)

The ears are a main site of Vata, a place we are more vulnerable to the affects of excess Vata in our environment. Bathing the ears in warm oil is calming and protective to the nervous system. Especially recommended during Vata season , a time of regular exposure to cold and wind.

  Hrydaya Basti (heart & thymus support)
best in series of 3, 5, 7

The 4th chakra is the fulcrum of our seven chakra spiritual/emotional structure. It’s the heart chakra that allows integration and balance between our higher, ethereal centers, and our lower, earthy zones. It’s the heart chakra that opens us to making our lives reflect our deepest values.

Hrydaya basti floods the heart and thymus area in warm oil, held in place with a dough dam. Indicated for women recovering from heart attacks or surgery, or anyone ready to emerge and heal from a period of feeling “broken-hearted.”

  Kati Basti (low back support)
best in series of 3, 5, 7

The lower back is a site of holding of much lower chakra energy. Muscle spasm and general soreness, stiffness, weak cartilage and bones and emotional holding related to the 1st and 2nd chakras are said to be alleviated with this therapy.

Kati basti floods the lower back area with warm oil, held in place with a dough dam. This is an ideal treatment to follow up Siddha Massage to further restore flexibility and energy flow.

  Ginger Compress (reproductive support) Whatever our life stage, our reproductive health is considered a prime indicator of our overall health in Ayurveda. According to Ayurveda, Shukra Dhatu (reproductive tissue) is the result of the healthy formation and functioning of all the other tissues in the body.

Ginger Compress can be used as a component in a group of therapies to facilitate regular menstrual flow and fertility, treat cramps or other congestion. After application of a protective oil, the fresh, pungent and sattvic qualities of fresh ginger are infused into hot water and applied in compress form to the lower back, repeatedly.

  Adrenal Dam (adrenal support)

Love a good adrenaline rush? Your body doesn’t – at least not if it lasts longer than it takes to outrun a lion, or if you make it a habit to “run on fumes.” The adrenal glands play a significant role in supporting our daily vitality, and contribute to adequate estrogen levels, especially during and after menopause. Subject to typical modern living, it’s natural for the adrenals to need soothing and nourishment to restore themselves.

Adrenal Dam uses a dough dam to hold warm, oil over the adrenal area, easing the demand on adrenal resources and inducing deep relaxation.


Thyroid Flow (thyroid support)
best in series of 3, 5, 7

At the 5th, throat chakra, the regular functioning of the thyroid gland is essential to the overall balance of our physical and mental health.

Similar to shirodhara, a warm stream of oil flows over the thyroid area, nourishing and stimulating the thyroid. In conjunction with specific yoga practices this therapy is said to encourage healthy, natural gland activity.

  Foot Bath, Massage & Marma Therapy
For those of us living a “normal” fragmented modern life, it can be a real challenge to “bring our energy down” into our lower body, out of our head. The soles of the feet are the site of many important marma points and nerve endings. There are 52 bones in one pair of feet!

Warm, herb-infused water, dal flour scrub and warm medicated oil are used to re-awaken and nourish the feet, and your connection to the sensory “world” of the part of the body that connect us, literally, to the planet.

  Sashtikasali Pindasweda

It is one of the most popular therapies used for the purpose of rejuvenation of the body.It comes under the variety of sudation therapy in which sashtikasali(a particular kind of rice known for its medicinal value)processed in the decoction of bala(sida rhombifolia)and milk is used for the fomentation.

sashtikasali(medicinal rice)is processed in the decoction of sida rhombifolia and milk,until the liquid part gets completely evaporated.The remaining mixture(decoction and milk) is kept over low fire.The cooked rice is made in to 4 equal parts and bundles are prepared out of it. The patient is made to lie on the treatment table,and oil is applied over the head and the body,massage is given for few minutes.The rice bundle is tolerably warmed in the mixture and massage is done all over the body with it.It should be done in 7 postures and it is very important to keep the bundles at a constant temperature,during the massage.After the completion of the treatment the rice is applied over the body for few minutes and scraped out by coconut leaves.After that hot water bath is given to the patient. Duraion of the treatment is 45 minutes to 1 hour.