Energy Dynamics – For Transformation and Transcendence


Explore your Inner Cosmos

A series of process to dive into the inner space called home within.

Quantum physics have validated that everything in universe is created from enrgy and the various forms of energy are inter convertible. The mystics and healers of the India , China and Tibet already knew this secret. Now its your turn to use ancient wisdom for personal growth.

  • Aura reading-: A welcoming experience to know your energy body.

Also called the bio magnetic field or the aura where lies the blue print of your physical, mental, emotional social and spiritual aspects of life.

Learn the art of interpreting different expressions of energy through aura reading.

  • Chakra scanning-: Look into the subtle energy bodies and centres

An insight into their location, the aspects each chakra is related with in your life.

Find out how to dissolve negative energy blocks and allow the dormant energies to rise higher.

  • Develop E.S.P-: Develop Clairvoyance and Clairaudience. Enhance your sensitivities to perceive the delicate information the universe is endlessly revealing to you.

The universe has infinite capacity to give, develop your capacity to receive the abundance.

Activate your intuitive and psychic powers…


  • Amplify Energy field-: Increased personal magnetism generates amazing results for you. Activate your body’s energy enhancing dynamics.

Physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual challenges are by- product of imbalance, congestion or depletion of energy.

Feel centered, grounded and very peaceful as bio-magnetic amplification attracts higher frequencies of energy at all levels that creates a cocoon of bliss around you, strengthening your auric fields.


  • Aura cleansing-: Clearing and cleansing the non –support energy from your energyfields, leaves you feeling very relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated and this is just the start……..

As a spectrum of energy dynamics healing process work for you, your aura and chakras are energized.

The practice of aura cleansing helps, empty all the unnecessary stuff and leave room for miracles to appear……..


  • Energy Healing-: Empowerment for accelerated energy healing, an alternative medicine approach towards your radiant health. Learn ancient Indian energy healing techniques and discover the healing power through energy.

The existence has infinite healing power, channelise energies of these high frequencies and experience magic in all areas of life.


See the light within you feel the inner radiance


Create infinitely positive vibrations increase health and harmony


Connect with personal healing power identify and clear energy blocks


Scanning the energy fields and chakra layer by layer,

  • Dissolve energies of congestion.

  • Replace old and negative energy with infinite positive vibrations.

- Channelise abundance in depleted energy fields.

  • Create a Healing Space-: Create a space in corner of your room or your place of meditation with divine golden energy to instantly recharge and refresh you at times of feeling depressed, depleted and energies sucked.

'Instant energy lift’ that you feel immediately as u enter healing space

  • Connect with Inner-Guide:- Within each of us lies the source…. The core of inner light. One spark of this light and our cells ignite with fire of purification.

Re- kindling the healing light within and re-awakening the inner guide we enter in to Realms of All New Possibilities……….


  • Astral Projections: - Having fun with out of body experiences. Learn the art of traveling with your astral body into the dimensions where time and space do not exist.

An exhilarating experience to,

Touch one of the many hidden possibilities from your inner world.

  • Erase Painful Re-occuring Pattern:- Identify the deep seated resentments and the root of pain full patterns in your life.

Plan a compassionate pain healing management program and build better reality for yourself to attract positive people and situations

  • Past Life Regression:- An invitation to a step by step journey to unravel the hidden mysteries we carry all the time. Past life regression helps clear the old energies, creating more space for you.

Heal the traumas and emotional wounds of the past.

Get insight for mysterious re-occuring patterns of your life and connect with core wisdom of your lifetime

Past life regression is a healing tool that opens you up tp the infinity. Most people have just heard about infinity and freedom…. never tasted it. But once you go through this experience of being infinite…. You are never the same again.

The bud becomes the flower!!!!

  • Align with Highest Potential Within:- Aligning yourself and the direction of energy with your destiny is something called fulfillment.

A welcoming experience to create a space, to allow yourself to be, to

manifest .…… where you align yourself with “ Your Destiny”

Learn to tap the hidden potential within you and harness high energies applying simple yet effective techniques.


Rather saying hello to your destiny from a distance…. Hug your destiny!!!

  • Meditation: - Drop all that the mind and body is holding tensed, withdraw yourself from the outer and move inside to the place called “Home Within”.

As you allow the mind unwind, let the inner chaos disappear and open yourself to the whisper of golden silence….. the fragrance from beyond descends on you and this deep state of transcendence is meditation.

  • Celebrate with yourself:- Let your life be integrated at the centre of celebration..the very core of this existence is a meaningless beauty and a purposeless celebration..

Connect yourself with this purposelessness and choose which is celebrating and more joyous.

Between the body and the soul, mind is the bridge, it can divide and it and unite the two.

When mind divides it is called division

When the mind unites it is called- meditation

And when all the three - Mind Body and Soul dance blissfully it is called celebration.


Quotes of a mystic

Walk Without Feet, Fly Without Wings and Think Without Mind!!!