Dating back in India, some 5000 yrs ago, AYURVEDA originated. The name ayurveda is derived from two Sanskrit root words, AYUS( AA-YU-SA) meaning life and VEDA ( VEY-DA) meaning knowledge or science..


Before the arrival of writing this ancient wisdom of healing, prevention ,and longevity was a part of the spiritual tradition..healers from all over world gathered, bringing their medical knowledge together. And it was sage veda vyas who preserved the knowledge of ayurveda in writing.. along with more spiritual insights of ethics, virtue and self realization.



Ayurveda embodies the collected wisdom of sages, who saw health as an integral part of spiritual life.. It is said that ayurveda never originated, because in a way the basic principles have been always there.

Hence it is called “ayurveda sanatanam” i.e the principles which have been always there in the existence.

Others say that, ayurveda was passed from god to his messengers and finally to humans.

The story of descent of ayurveda narrates that,thousands of years from now back in time and space, the planet was crammed, with sufferings and ill health .This became a matter of concern to the sages, who saw these suffering as obstacle to growth of mankind and its civilization. Hence aroused a state of urgency, and the need for healing system, which could help people achieve higher state of physical health and consciousness.

For this purpose, the sages from all the direction..sage dhanvantari, nimi, kashyap, bharadwaj and others gathered and under the guidance of great sage punarvasu pleaded lord Indra (king of gods) for help..

Lord indra then invoked for help n guidance of lord Bramha (creator of the universe).. Depicted in the classical text of ayurveda is a shloka, that “ ayurvedamrutam sartha bramha budhawa sanatanam” which means, lord bramha then just recollected the fundamentals of healing and passed the knowledge to dakshaprajapati( a designation amongst god) and he passed it on to Ashwin kumar( the twin celestial healers) and the passed it to lord Indra, and from him to the sages on planet earth.